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Hottest Country in the World

Rahul Thadani Mar 18, 2020
There's little if anything you can do about the scorching heat this summer, but may be you can take heart from the fact that there are places that are a lot hotter than your backyard. Read on to know about some of the hottest places on Earth.

Hot News!

For a long time, El Azizia or Al'Aziziyah, Libya, held the record for the 'hottest temperature on Earth'. On September 13, 1922, the temperature recorded was 57.8° C (136° F). However, this record was broken by Dasht-e Lut, Iran, when a temperature of 70.6° C (159° F) was recorded twice, in the years 2004 and 2005.

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With the mercury rising well above normal with each passing year, we seem to be living in one real hot planet, quite literally so. While most of us might complain of a real hot day or may be even a killer summer, the days that follow, often come as a reprieve from the heat.
Some countries, especially along the Equator aren't as fortunate, as the mercury seems to tip to even higher levels with each passing day. While these countries might not have the highest recorded temperature, their average temperatures right through the year will undoubtedly get you sweating!

World's Hottest Country

The average recorded temperature of Ethiopia has consistently been the highest, making it the hottest country on the planet. Ethiopia is a landlocked country in Africa, and it also happens to be the second most populated country on the continent.
The average recorded temperature in Ethiopia has been around 34.4° Celsius (or 94° Fahrenheit). This 'fiery' land may actually be the birthplace of all mankind, as archaeologists believe that this is the country where the first humans walked the Earth.
While there are other places on the phase of the Earth, which have recorded a higher temperature, Ethiopia, has the highest average temperature throughout the year.
Also note that this temperature is not the temperature of the surface of the Earth at that specific place, but the temperature of the air that hovers about 5 feet above the surface. The temperature on the surface would be higher than this.

Hottest Countries of the Continents

  • Asia - U.A.E
  • Europe - Malta
  • Africa - Ethiopia
  • N-America - Panama
  • S-America - Venezuela
  • Oceania - Australia
  • Antarctica - Vanda Station

The Hottest Places on Earth

  • Al'Aziziyah (Libya) 136.4
  • Death Valley (USA) 134.0
  • Ghadames (Libya) 131.0
  • Kebili (Tunisia) 131.0
  • Timbuktu (Mali) 130.1
  • Araouane (Mali) 130.1
  • Tirat Zvi (Israel) 129.0
  • Ahwaz (Iran) 128.3
  • Aghajari (Iran) 128.0
  • Wadi Halfa (Sudan) 127.0
* Temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit